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Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
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Trade & Investment Office for Vanuatu in Malaysia

The Trade & Investment Office aims to provide the following:

· Promote & facilitate Vanuatu’s high value trade & investment programs
· DSP-MP citizenship by investment application
· Offshore company & investment banking license application

With a country ready to prosper even further, we are looking to promote and facilitate bilateral trading & investment relationship between Vanuatu and Malaysia.

The Vanuatu Trade & Investment Office works directly with the Consulate General of Vanuatu in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Investment Programs


DSP-MP Introduction

Republic of Vanuatu’s Development Support Program (DSP) – Citizenship by investment
Unrestricted access to 131++ countries in the world! (EU, UK, HK etc) in just 40 days!


Offshore Company Incorporation

The benefits of incorporate Vanuatu offshore company are as below:

· Zero corporate tax
· Only one shareholder in required
· Full confidentiality
· Low min authorized shares capital


Investment Banking License Application

You can also choose to form an offshore investment bank with us in Vanuatu in order to operate a financial institution internationally. Vanuatu is an established offshore financial center and offers international banking licence through the International Banking Act [CAP 280] which is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu


Other Investment Programs

There are plenty of other attractive investment programs in Vanuatu, not limited to offshore finance, agricultural, development and the list goes on
Contact us now if you are interested!

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