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Our Mission

It’s our mission to deliver the following :


Provide first-class support to investors looking to invest in business activities in


Promote high value investment opportunities to investors across the globe


Promote and facilitate Vanuatu’s Development Support Program (DSP-MP)


Develop networks and partnerships, improve bilateral trading relationship between Vanuatu and other nations

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Message from Vanuatu Trade & Investment Commissioner

Vanuatu Trade & Investment Commissioner in Malaysia : Dato Ng Kek Kiong

Message :

Good day to everyone! Vanuatu and Malaysia are both members of the Commonwealth, and we are optimistic about the future bilateral trading relationship between both countries. Currently, we are glad to announce that the country’s GDP is at USD915 million and it is expected to enjoy healthy growth in the upcoming years. Vanuatu consists of 83 islands, has a land area of 12,200 square km. Due to Vanuatu’s unique landscape, the country has vast potential in agricultural, cattle farming and sea fishing industry. Besides, Vanuatu as a tax haven poses itself as a strategic position for offshore banking industry. We strongly urge all interested investors to look into the untapped potential of Vanuatu. This nation currently offers numerous lucrative investment plans, especially the Development Support Program (DSP-MP). DSP-MP can be concluded as one of the most valued citizenship by investment programs now in the world, as it can open doors to all investors with immigration plans, asset restructuring plans and offshore banking plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Message from Trade & Investment Office Executive Director

Executive Director : Joseph Ng Chee Yau

Message :

Good day to everyone! A stable economy like Vanuatu as a tax haven has to be the ideal place for investors who are looking to maximize their returns on investments. Another point to note is that the country by far one of the very few countries free from Corona virus, emphasizing Vanuatu’s strength as favorable place to stay in. We are currently looking to form collaborations with more organizations/ companies to effectively promote DSP-MP and facilitate investments to Vanuatu. We welcome all interested parties to enquire about either investment plans or collaboration plans! Looking forward to our collaborations in the near future!