Q: When was the current citizenship by Investment Program – Development Support Program-Malaysia Project (DSP-MP) created?
A: The current DSP was launched on the 1st of Jan 2017. The DSP-MP was introduced as the Vanuatu Trade Commission in Malaysia was formed in 2020. The purpose of the program is to attract high quality net worth applicants who can contribute further to Vanuatu’s future development.

Q: How to apply for citizenship?
A: DSP/ DSP-MP Citizenship can only be processed through the Vanuatu Trade Commission in Malaysia or officially appointed DSP-MP representative. Applicants can always rely on Vanuatu Trade Commission in Malaysia and the appointed representatives for a speedy and reliable application process.

Q: Who can apply?
A: Everyone who meets the Vanuatu’s criteria/ requirements are allowed to apply.

Q: Why apply with Vanuatu Trade Commission in Malaysia?
A: This is because we are able to provide expedited and reliable application services. All fund transfers are to go through the Consulate of Vanuatu in Malaysia to reassure applicants that funds are processed by the authorized organization. We also maintain full confidentiality on applications.

Q: How long does the whole process take?
A: The application process usually takes around 40 days and the process comes in two parts:
• The first part involves due-diligence testing on the applicant’s profile. Results will be finalized within 5-7 working days.
• The final part involves full application documents (as the checklist provided). Citizenship Commission will process and finalize the application within 10 – 15 working days.
• Passport printing + logistics will likely take another 5 working days

Q: What is Vanuatu’s passport ranking?
A: Vanuatu passport allows the user to travel up to 131 countries including UK, Europe, Asia, ASEAN etc. either visa free/ visa on arrival.

Q: Does Vanuatu recognize dual-citizenship?
A: Vanuatu recognizes dual citizenship with no residency requirements imposed on Vanuatu citizens.

Q: Does the citizenship extend to families?
A: Citizenship is open to direct families including parents and children. Citizenship is lifetime and inheritable.

Q: Do I need to go to Vanuatu to complete the application process?
A: The Vanuatu Trade Commission is able to facilitate complete DSP-MP application process without the applicant leaving his/her home country. Due to COVID19, all the necessary meetings and swear in ceremony can be conducted online.

Q: What is the tax policy like in Vanuatu?
A: Vanuatu is a tax haven with no income tax, corporate tax and inheritance tax.

Q: Does the Trade Commission provide other services besides DSP-MP application?
A: Vanuatu Trade Commission also provides application services to other investment programs, including post citizenship services, offshore company, investment banking license and mutual fund account opening.