Investment Banking Application

Investment Banking License Application

Vanuatu is an established offshore financial center offering wide range of offshore financial services. Vanuatu also offers the opportunity to incorporate a private investment bank, currently governed by the new 2002 International Banking Act.

The Vanuatu International Banking Act defines a Banking business as :

1. A person is carrying on a banking business if the person :

a. accepts deposits of money that are withdrawable, or payable upon demand, after a fixed period or after notice; or
b. undertakes the frequent sale or placement of bonds, certificates or other securities;
and uses such deposits or the proceeds of such sales or placements, either in whole or in part, for loans or investments for the account and at the risk of the person.

2. A person is taken to be carrying on banking business if the person:

a. advertises for or solicits deposits of money, or offers to sell or place bonds, certificates or other securities; and
b. uses or intends to use the funds so acquired, either in whole or part, for making loans or investments, or any other activity authorised by law or customary banking
practice, for the account and at the risk of the person.

Requirements to incorporate an investment banking license

· All dealings must be with foreign non-resident individuals, no local financial dealings allowed
· One shareholder required(individual or legal entity)
· Two Directors required (both must be persons and one must be a local resident)
· One Director or shareholder are responsible for managerial duties including knowledge of financial records and regulations
· There is no taxation of any form including on all profits, incomes, or interest, including corporate tax, VAT or income tax
· All International Banks must maintain a physical local office where all records are kept
· Accounts must be filed and audited every year by a recognized agent
· There must be a local physical registered office (formed within 30 days after successful licence application)
· May not have financial dealings in local currency or with local residents
· Proof of paid-in capital in the form of a letter from ones banking institution
· Paid in capital of 500,000 USD

Key Advantages

Currently, the available investment banks in Vanuatu are as follow

ANZ Bank
Asia Merchant Bank Limited
Banco Nacional De Vanuatu
BRED Limited
Credit Corporation Ltd
Cualquiera in Vanuatu

European Bank Limited
Financial Partners Bank
Fubon Bank Limited
Garrison Bank Limited
LMM & CIE, Banquiers Prive’s Limited
Nautilus International Bank Limited

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
United Investment Bank Limited
Vianka Bank Limited
Westpac Banking Corporation
World Bank Group – Pacific Islands

International Banking License Application Form