Offshore Company Incorporation

A Vanuatu Company Limited by shares is a vehicle through which to invest from Vanuatu.
Vanuatu operates under the English Common Law. The laws which regulate corporations in Vanuatu are:

1. The International Companies Act (1993)
2. The Companies Act
3. The Banking, Insurance, Stamp Duties and Trust Compnies Act


· No Corporate Tax : Vanuatu is a tax haven
· Full Confidentiality : No disclosures are needed on the company’s beneficial owner/ shareholders
· One Shareholder : Only a minimum of one shareholder is needed
· Government Stability : Vanuatu has a stable government
· Low Minimum Authorized Share Capital : Minimum = USD300
· Accounting & Audit Requirements : No requirements on annual returns/ yearly accounting records submission
· Simple & Fast Incorporation Process : 3-5 working days only

Offshore Company Form

Offshore Company Form

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